Mahara 15.04.2

Changes from 15.04.1:

* Bug 1451331: 15.04 image picker requires PHP 5.3.6+
* Bug 1460368: Even if you disallow anonymous comments at the site level, you can still place anonymous comments on artefacts
* Bug 1460850: wysiwyg tinymce showing on logged out pages if config ‘wysiwyg’ is set to ‘enable’
* Bug 1460911: forgotpass page not working as expected
* Bug 1461040: Page layout thumbnails are missing in languages that have changed the layout lang strings
* Bug 1472439: XSS in “add to watchlist” link on artefact detail screen
* Bug 1428456: ID tag needed for setting icon on profile page config settings
* Bug 1438928: Registration page not allowing you to register – in behat Bug 1444925: Admin can’t see objectionable content in forums if not admin in the group
* Bug 1468144: layout thumbnails are broken if you use a locale that does commas for decimals
* Bug 1471604: Terms and conditions not showing on register page for multi institutions
* Bug 1472443: Can’t use method return value in write context error in forgotpass.php
* Bug 1358092: Improve SQL performance when deleting notifications
* Bug 1463629: Prevent HTTP iframes on HTTPS sites
* Bug 1465928: Behat test for password attempts limit
* Bug 1470281: Use “nosniff” header to prevent potential XSS via untrusted files in IE

Version bump for 15.04.2
Use nosniff header to prevent potential XSS via untrusted files in IE
Bug 1471604: Terms & Conditions not displaying on register page
Behat Test: Registration process
Fixing issue with forgotpass and older php versions (Bug #1472443)
Making sure user is logged in before they can see the tinymce
HTML-escape page title in watchlist JSON response (Bug 1472439)
Prevent HTTP iframes on an HTTPS site
Bug 1451331: Saving of text block with embedded media for old PHP
Fixing the layout images being broken by locale setting
Bug 1468144 – fixing issues with gallery and locale
Bug 1460368: stopping anonymous comments on artefacts
Bug 1465928: Removing duplicate feature file
Making the “I trigger the cron” behat step, reset the cron
Behat test for limit login attempts (Bug 1465928)
Behat test for the forgotpassword page (Bug 1460911)
Add behat step “I log out”
Fix deprecated ‘named’ selector and implement 2 steps
Passing the objection=1 param to the objection url (Bug #1444925)
Bug 1460911: forgotpass page not checking the correct $SESSION instance
Bug 1461040: Stopping layout thumbs being created from langstring info
Behat Test: Required social media (Bug 1432988)
Version bump for 15.04.2testing
More SQL optimisation (Bug #1358092)


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