Mahara 15.04.0

This release contains many new features, usability enhancements, and bug fixes, provided by Mahara contributors from around the globe. Our thanks also go out to those who have tested the Mahara 15.04 release candidates over the past few weeks.

Highlights in Mahara 15.04 include:
  • “Copy” button directly on copyable pages
  • Image picker for inserting your images into rich text areas (page descriptions, text blocks, journal entries, etc)
  • Drag-and-drop page builder works on touchscreens
  • Artefact feedback displayed directly on a page
  • Compose messages to one or more recipients, directly from your Inbox
  • “Tagged journal entries” block can now handle multiple tags
  • Sort order preserved between visits, on “My pages” screen
  • Change the sitewide logo through the site administration screen
  • Automated functional testing (behind the scenes)
  • New webservices module
Other notable new features include:
  • CSV file uploads now automatically detect and support other delimiters besides commas
  • Notifications about objectionable artefacts now include a direct link to the artefact
  • Unread messages displayed first in the inbox.
  • “Group pages” block can sort pages by last update
  • Can receive notifications about responses to the comments you leave on other users’ pages
  • New “Annotations” block to facilitate a more structured approach of working with a portfolio (initial development work for a larger piece).
  • Gallery block now preserves original image proportions


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